Review Policy

Though we are just a miniature little startup, we believe in professionalism and building this thing into the next big thing in Android news reporting. To carry our efforts further, we are now stepping one step ahead into the everlasting stream of Android- Review Stories.

To get this thing done, we need to see and make sure that all that done is done with perfection and competence. If you are a Technology Startup and your startup can provide us any gadget you want us to review, we must give you something in return. We can’t provide you with expertise, as our reviewers are young and only now have taken up their responsibilities of bringing up their dreams.

But these little fellows are talented and capable of bring up most of their selves to bring out the best in your products and let people know.

With that being said, this place will tell you how our review process shall and will be done in accordance with any specific request you make –

  • The company as well as representatives of the Blog will get in touch to assess the need of a Review and the product involved.
  • The company shall, upon agreeing with our representatives, make the final call for providing us with a Fresh Unit of the product.
  • Company will have to ship the product to our office located at Udaipur (address details will be provided through further correspondence).
  • Our Reviewers will take 2 weeks’ time to carefully evaluate the product, with utmost care to ensure the safety of the product.

In this time, we will do all our testing and regular review procedure.

Upon successful completion of the Review Process, we shall inform you to take necessary actions to ship in the product to wherever the product is required to be shipped at. The Return Shipping will be paid by the company and not by the Blog.

And after the aforementioned time, the company will be notified of the Review and Related news that we publicize about the product. We will give our best to make sure that the product gets the spotlight, it deserves.

Below are the links to our already reviewed products, we have reviewed many products from big companies, here they are-

Xiaomi Mi4    –                                Hands on Unboxing, Review, Benchmarking and Camera.

OnePlus One –                                Hands on Unboxing, Review, Benchmarking and Camera.

Motorola Moto E (2015) –         Hands on Unboxing, Review, Benchmarking and Camera

                                                               Comparison with the First Generation Moto E.                        

Xiaomi Mi Band* –                        First Impressions and Battery- Life Analysis and

                                                               Specification Comparison with Yufit

*Hands on review of Xiaomi Mi Band due in the coming week.

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