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Shocking facts about Clash of Clans that will blow your mind

Clash of Clans is amazing, we all know that. Even people who haven’t got their hands on it, know for a fact that it is extremely addictive and hypercompetitive. Compelling gameplay along with a tint of careful strategy making makes it a one-of-a-kind experience.

Let’s start:

hang on barbarian coc androtrends

(ONE) There are 29.5 million active users playing COC everyday.

giants coc androtrends

Just a regular day in work.

That means that any point of time in a day, you can have millions and millions of people playing the same game: warring, looting and farming at the same time.


(TWO) Average play time every day ranges from 3-5 hours/day

clash of clans average time androtrends

Numerous polls just like this one, have told us that the game’s addictive gameplay draws people to spend more and more time as your journey progresses. Average user sessions totalled to 3-5 hours/day.


(THREE) Jorge Yao: Top Global Player for 6 month; First to reach 4000, 4100, 4200 trophies.

jorge yao coc androtrends

Jorge Yao is known to be the greatest or the worst of all of the players in the history of game, depending upon whether gemming is alright for you or not. He is known for spending upto 4000$/month on his village. He is one of the permanent hall of fame’r in the clash of clan history with first player to reach 4000, 4100, 4200 trophies and he quit right after being the number 1 clash of clan player for 6 straight months.

He used 5 iPads, all at once. Gifted by a UAE friend, these iPads accompanied him to shower, plastic wrapped.

Click here to view all Hall of fame members.

(FOUR) Panda (COC player) made a statement saying he spends 7000$/month but that’s just 7% of his income.

panda coc androtrends

We completely get you, buddy! Wait, did he say 7000$??

He also said, “Stop worrying about spending less, worrying about earning more.” Clash of Clans is surely a great platform for a mobile gamer to gain worldwide recognition through careful strategy making and maintaining a clear approach.

He earns around 100,000$/month from his gaming affair, surrounding his controversial association with COC.

(FIVE) People sell their COC accounts online, a maxed out Town Hall 10 base costs around 189$.

clash of clans market androtrends

But, you should stay away from them as most of them are gemmed from stolen credit card details which might get you in trouble.


(SIX) If you start today from Town Hall 1, and GEM your way to the max TH11 : Building everything and Speeding up build times, you’ll need 22,000$.

Clash of clans Town hall jorney androtrends

All these in just a few clicks, that is the power of a capitalistic economy. 


(SEVEN) There is a developer version of COC, but it is not let off developer campus.

ulimited gems coc developer version

Which gives unlimited spell storages, unlimited gems and much more for developers who try and push the game to its extremes to monitor any shortcomings. Only developers and game designers have the privileges to test this alternate version of the game, people who have tried the same using different mods end up getting permanently banned by the company.

(EIGHT) Supercell earns 5.5 million dollars per day.

supercell earnings coc androtrends

That is 63$/second or 3819$/hour and also company is valued at a staggering 5.1 billion dollars by an investment company softbank.

Did you like this article? Isn’t COC, the coolest strategic gameplay ever? Wait, it surely comes after Age of Empires, right? Whatever maybe the case, I hope you were blown away by the little thingy you read here. Let me know in the comment box below. Until next time, Keep Androtrending!

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