Review : OnePlus One, a beast with a frosted back

We all have heard about the OnePlus one, the best that is called the flagship killer. The device which created history by being the first smartphone device backed by cyanogenmod as a company not as a community, and here we stand today to review it, to see if the rumors were true, see if this device is truly a flagship killer or just another cheap device that won’t last for long. So, we did receive the device few days back and we did a play along with for a few days to make our conclusion about the device, enjoy the show.

DESIGNOnePlus One 3

The design is subtle with no or less innovation about it, the back is frosted panel and the sides seem to agree with the back, the 5.5 inch FHD screen dominates the device with a pixel density of 401ppi and the sides carry volume rocker and the other carries the power button.

We recieved the sandstone black model of the device, and it is not the best design we have seen.

The Rim is a different story altogether, it is something different at the top& bottom of the device as it is on the sides. It dominates at the top&bottom, but stays low on the sides.


OnePlus One 2

The Software running OnePlus One used to be Cyanogen 11s but not as Micromax secured a deal with Cyanogen to make it exclusive to its Yureka brand, now the OnePlus One will receive its software updates directly from OnePlus and though

No Cyanogen support for Indian variant.

the unit we received was running Cyanogen 11s- in coming weeks it will be  ruled out to make space for OnePlus’s own ‘Colour OS’, also the device sports a theme section which equips the user to install customizable themes and also customize bootloader and icons. Device will be updated to Android 5.0 in the coming days and it is officially confirmed by OnePlus.



The screen is 5.5 inch LTPS LCD Screen, with a pixel density of 401ppi and stands tall even today in the ear of 2k screens. Screen is beautiful and colour reproduction capabilities of the LTPS LCD are amazing. We had no problems reading text in the bright day,

5.5 inch LTPS LCD, Full HD, 401ppi

as well as the screen can dim itself so that no extra strain is levied on your eyes at night. Screen is crisp and sharp and also plays 1080p videos without a lag, and colours are natural and not oversaturated like on the Super AMOLED displays in the market.


OnePlus One 6


The screen has variety for mode for colour adaptation and you will likely love the default, and the touch response is also amazing, but sometimes the device did not register any touch when we were doing some high memory operations on the device like playing a FPS game, but on an average the touch response was smooth.


The Device is a beast when it comes to the processing power, the Quad Core Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5 GHz coupled up with 3GB RAM gives us a great juice at multitasking and day to day usage, no lags at all, NONE. The device is home to Adreno 330 GPU and it’s one of the best GPUs till date, it means that you won’t have any frame-drops while playing high-end games like Nova3 and Asphalt 8 : Overdrive.

Adreno 330, Snapdragon 801, 2.5 GHz Quad Core, 3GB RAM

We did play the best games on the play store and found out that OnePlus One had no difficulties playing all of them, but we saw a frame drop issue while playing Nova3, but just for sometimes, when the frame rates were very high.

The benchmarking result on Antutu was 47829 and it is indeed a very high score, only devices that outperformed the OnePlus One were MX4 Meizu and Samsung Galaxy Note 4, keeping in mind that these devices are just announced and the Oneplus One was announced last year.

Benchmarking concludes top-notch perfromance.

Benchmarking result on NenaMark2 was 62.3 FPS and that is-in all terms a very high score you can expect out of a device that just costs 24k, the quadrant standard also reported high end results (22114 points) and all because of the fact that the device carries a powerhouse inside it, Snapdragon 810, 3GB Ram and Adreno 330.


OnePlus One Camera


The camera is a pleasant thing on the OnePlus One; it has a 13 MP rear and a 5MP front. The Rear has Sony IMX214 sensor with a f 2.0 arrangement, a six element lens that gives us a focal length equivalent to 30mm. To put this in simple words the company has worked hard to make camera as pretty as possible giving us the best our money can buy.

Camera is a disappointment, but at this price- only a fool would expect more.

On our camera review the camera performed really well, gave us some good results and we did test the camera and there was no-or very little noise in the images, colour reproduction was subtle- not the best we have seen but not the worst either. Some of the camera samples can be seen below :

With HDR
Without HDR
Camera Sample OnePlus One
Camera Sample OnePlus One
Camera Sample OnePlus One

Though the camera is not as impressive as the camera of Mi4( which we will cover in the next review), the camera sure holds up when you put it out to test, you can surely compare it to the likes of Galaxy s4, HTC Desire 816, Samsung E3 and many devices in the same mid-range category.


  • Battery
  • Screen
  • Processor
  • GPU
  • RAM


  • Design- not all of it, but most of it.
  • Build Quality
  • Heating Issues- Sometimes on heavy usage.

If you have any problems or questions, ask us in the comments section below and make sure you keep andro trending!

8.5 Total Score
Conclusion- OnePlusOne

We at try to bring you best and unbiased review of a smartphone, and when we got a OnePlus One we decided to do the same- to esclate the problems we faced while using the device to you and to cherish and appreciate the goodies of the device, now coming to the OnePlus One- the device brought us hope of a better user experience and a great software backing, but now when Cyanogenmod won't provide any software support to the device the later part is nonexistent and the company has promised to provide the users with a great in-house software support team- the rtheme and everything is gone. We on the basis of device performance give this device a THUMBS UP, but the device will face some serious competition from Xiaomi Mi4, and so we also did a Mi4 review and found out that Mi4 was actually better than OnePlus One- Camera was great and all the other things were in place. So, now its for you to device if you want to buy this device or not, we will bring you a detailed Mi4 Review in the coming of days.

Processing Power- CPU, GPU & RAM
Screen - Type, Resolution and Colour Reproduction
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