Mi is launching new products in the Indian market: See what it has to offer

Mi or Xiaomi is now gaining more popularity in the Indian market as the manufacturer’s every smartphone is a blockbuster hit in India- Mi3, Redmi 1s or Redmi Note all of them did not even last a minute of their respective flash sales on the e-commerce giant Flipkart, and after the tremendous success of these devices, Xiaomi is all set to release some new products on the Indian market.

Mi India has also started the promotions of the devices on Facebook, a contest is being conducted by the company on the grounds of earning a priority pass to buy the new devices when they launch, before they are made available to the general public. So, if you are a hardcore Mi fan, and are looking forward to buy a new device, a set top box or a phablet- you should probably play the contest and in case you are blown away by the ‘find the word’ we have the answers for you, the device would be unveiled on 12 March, 2015.

Most probably the device that would be unveiled would be the Redmi 2- Successor to the Redmi 1s and packed with bag-full of features, such as 720p screen, Snapdragon 410 quad core chipset, 1/2 GB RAM , 8/16 GB Internal with MicroSD support and with a lesser than usual price tag for the stuff you are paying. The price tag would be less than 10k, well can you ask for more?

Redmi 2

But this is not the only news we are getting, reports suggest that the company would also be launching its Mi Box- A set top box only the size of a powerbank and has 1GB RAM and a Quad Core CPU with a price tag of approx 2000INR.

The Mi Headphones, which are capable of delivering a great deal of sound at 499INR (approx), 24 bit audio experience and a great cushion to rest your ears on.

And last but not the least the Note Pro, the phablet experiences that you were waiting for the tablet carry’s the first 64 bit-OctaCore Snapdragon 810 Processor, a WHOOPING 4GB RAM and 2k screen and all this all just at 33000INR (approx) we can’t ask for more. 

Xiaomi is growing

In fact if you ask me, Note 4 will outperform Galaxy NOTE4 at anytime-anywhere scenario but would also mention that the quality standards of Samsung are the most strict and regulatory that we’ve seen, and since Xiaomi is just a young company it cannot match those standards, in no way this is meant to disrespect the fans of Xiaomi but it has to be taken into account that we have to wait for the company to evolve and prove themselves to the consumers of being worthy of the 33k we are paying.

Indian market will be soon dominated by companies like Xiaomi and Micromax, if they work on consumer feedback, and after sale service.  

Now coming to the conclusion of what would we see on Flipkart on the coming of days, it is highly uncertain if the company would really launch all these devices but the news of it launching the Redmi 2 seems the most legit and it is safe to assume that we would see Redmi 2 in India soon.


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