YU Fit up for Grabs at Rs999, here’s how to get it

YU, a subsidiary company owned by Micromax is now all set to make its Fitness band available in India, with a sale that was disrupted to some technical problems today, the company has said that the new sale will be announced soon.

We learnt about YU’s Plans for YUFit a couple of months back and the fact that the company pushed in a OLED display at RS999 resulted into a great hype, its next best competitor is none other than Mi Band which is also the greatest selling fitness accessory of all time. We had our hands on the accessory the day it launched and here is our first impressions.


If you are confused between Mi Band and YuFit, take a look at our comparison analysis here.

Another thing about YuFit that will make it stand out, is the fact that you can also assign yourself a coach that will help you reach your fitness goals more efficiently and help you on this not to easy journey of getting fit. First 1000 people will get a free coach in their Healthifyme App, however if you miss that offer you can still opt-in for subscription for Rs 1,800 for 2months of subscription. 


Healthifyme App

However the coach subscription is not a compulsion to buy, you can still use YuFit to reach your fitness goals yourself.

Inclusion of a OLED display puts Yu Fit a step ahead of Competition

You’ll be hearing from us soon, for we too are excited about Yu Fit’s launch and cannot wait to get our hands on the device.

Here is the link to the device Amazon.in page, where you will get the latest news about its sale and registrations.


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