Instagram Introduces Structure and Layout : A Standalone Collage Maker App

Instagram undoubtedly the best Photo Sharing app in the world has launched another companion app for Instagram called Layout. This app was available on iOS from quite some time but now is available on the Google Play Store.

App is an intuitive collage maker that lets user combine multiple pictures in one. The company issued a statement saying that every one in five users regularly posted collages and this app will reduce the need of any other third-party app for Instagram collaging.

This App has a different approach though, while various third party apps will let you decide layout and then add pictures in the frame, this app lets you select the pictures and then shows you different layouts for collage.

Layout Screenshot Androtrends
When we downloaded the app and started the basic operation we found out that the app did no other magic then simply helping you to create a collage- no editing or anything of that sort. Though it gave us some handful features such as Mirror, Flip and Replace.

If you already have one collage maker, don’t uninstall it already

Also Instagram announced that the official Instagram app will now include Structure – that will help user to bring out more details from Background and Texture. To get the feature, the user just needs to update the app.

So what do you guys think of this layout app? And of the structure functionality? Let us know in the comment box below.


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