How to Make a Better Dubsmash Video: 5 Easy Tips That Will Help You

Isn’t Dubsmash a really cool thing? Don’t you love seeing yourself dubbing some all-time blockbuster dialogues/hits? And if you do so, this post is going to help you create the perfect Dubsmash video for yourself. Check this out.


1) Lighting – The best tip anyone can give you to is to make the lighting conditions favorable, try not going too dark or too bright either. Choose somewhere in between. The best way to get equilibrium of lighting is to shoot in daytime near a window with your face directly looking at the window and your camera coming in or you can try using a Table lamp instead but it will make your face glow so make sure you keep a distance.

Video Lighting androtrends

Image is just for illustrative purposes, but if you can arrange this type of setup- go for it.

Many Dubsmash ‘Stars’ use the daylight thing to get the best lighting for their videos, the struggle is not to fill too much light but not to be dark as well.


2) Save Multiple Takes – Nobody is perfect and you can’t get the best video in the first time or maybe you did got the perfect video but you didn’t save that for something better and every other video was worse. Let’s say I was capturing a Dubsmash and I did very well for the first time but thinking that I can do better, I did not save it and moved to another take but I could not get a better and started regretting not saving the first one, yeah it happens.
Multiple Takes Androtrends
Save every video you make, for example do it like this –

Let’s say the Dubsmash was Titanic Dialogue, save the videos like this Titanic Dialogue Take 1, Titanic Dialogue Take 2 and so that you can track and post the best video in them.


3) Posture and Camera frame – It might sound you like a personality development class but if you want to be a Dubsmash Blockbuster then you must adjust your body posture and camera frame accordingly. Like when you are dubsmashing alone you can try getting in the center of the frame, or you can just gradually come from the sides to create an effect. You can either sit straight or you can lean on to something.

If you are dubsmashing with someone, you can either fit both of you inside the frame or you can wait for the person’s dialogue and then put them in the frame.


4) Expressions: This is the key and the most important aspect of successful Dubsmash videos. Nobody would like your videos of you can’t express them, justify their key emotions. It’s not just sitting in front of the camera and saying the lines, right?


Funny facial Expressions Androtrends
Make it count, every dialogue- every scene has a soul understand and act accordingly. For example you can’t smile when posting a serious-aggressive dialogue, or you cannot raise your brow while doing a completely different kind of video.

5) Follow The Best Dubsmashers : Go on Instagram, search for Dubsmash *space* *your country name* to get the best dubsmashing video compilations and then you can go on and learn from the best people on how to act.

After this post we will also do the best Dubsmashers in India post, in which we will get you the Instagram profiles of the best Dubsmashers In India and their best posts as well.

What do you think of this post? Do you want us to feature your Dubsmashes in our coming post? Tell us in the comment section below, or Tag us in your favorite dubsmashes on social media and we will feature your video on our website. Until next time, Keep Androtrending!


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