Anonymous Pulls TRAI Official Website Down due to authority’s decisions on User’s Privacy

Anonymous- the internet activist hacking group has now taken TRAI’s website down using Distributed Denial of Service (DDos attack). Group took the responsibility of the attack on its twitter handle AnnonOpsIndia.

This breach took a turn when some Indian users urged Annons to stop the attack (reasons unknown), that group further went on to twitter to say this:


This attack was in sync with TRAI’s decision to make all the Email Id’s Public which in turn would only turn your privacy to spammers that strive on your personal details. BAD MOVE TRAI!

Earlier today, TRAI made public all the lists of people who mailed it replies to consultation papers- this is a huge blow to the privacy of millions of people who replied. With their Email Addresses open in public, TRAI cannot do any worse.

Head here to see the result, TRAI has divided these replies into three categories

  1. Comments from the Service Providers
  2. Comments from the Service Providers Association
  3. Comments from other Stakeholders

And even after the attack, TRAI has issued no confirmation over the nature and threat of the attack and no acknowledgment has been announced.

Did TRAI do wrong in its decision to make all these emails public? What do you people think? Of course it did but what are your views on the heating issue?  Tell us in the comment section below. Until then, keep Androtrending!

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