Xiaomi Mi 4i 32GB and Mi Powerbank 5000mAh up for grabs, here’s how to get them

Xiaomi has announced another sale for Xiaomi Mi 4i 32GB smartphone which was announced just days back, the device packs a memory upgrade from the 16GB in the standard Mi 4i which was up for grabs from April this year. Also, the sale will feature a ultra-thin powerbank appearance which has a power-capacity of 5000 mAh, at a price tag of Rs 599.

Xiaomi Mi 4i 32GB 

Mi 4i

Xiaomi Mi 4i is a gorgeous device and Xiaomi has gained  attention for the same. Especially manufactured for India, the ‘i’ in “4i” is a reminder

Xiaomi has risen from just another Chinese company, to a trusted brand in India

that the company appreciates the momentum it has saw in the country. In such a short amount of time, Xiaomi has risen from just another Chinese company, to a trusted brand in India.

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 5000 mAh

Mi Powerbank 5000mAh

Talking about the Powerbank, it is a 5000mAh powerbank, enclosed in a 9.9mm casing which makes it extremely portable and lightweight. Comes with a USB smart technology that helps it to adapt current according to the need of the device, charging/discharging chip from Texas Instruments will ensure that the device is safe from  overcharging and shocks.

Xiaomi is known for products that offer the best price-to-value ratio, and its products, especially powerbank and the Mi Band are widely appreciated for the same.

When is the sale?

Sale for both the gadgets (with unknown quantity offered) will be on 4 August, 2PM and there seems to be no mandatory registration this time, so make sure you get right on time.

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