Twitter Tweaks Its Policy For Removing Abusive And Hateful Content

Twitter has now announced its strict plans and restrictive policy changes for abusive or hateful content on the Micro blogging site. Company said in a blogpost that it wants the users to feel safe on the website and through these policy changes it is trying to make sure that voices are not silenced against the hateful behavior of some users.

The Company is now updating its Violence and Threat policy as by clearing out that the current policies judgments are not limited and as they change violence threats from direct to “threats of violence against others or promot[ing] violence against others”. This aims to create a better understanding that there will be no abusive behavior tolerated at twitter and they have also created enforcements that will aim at punishing acts of violence and abuses.


Company went on to state that a user will be blocked out of his/her user account and to regain the control, he/she will have to remove those hateful or abusive speech’s on the microblogging site, twitter will also ask for phone verification and will state a block for indefinite period if found violating these polices.

Company later in the blogpost said that it is testing a feature that is capable of finding abusive content on the basis of safe content form user guidelines, and it will nullify the reach of such content to spread and dictate other people in engaging hateful or abuses, and at last the company went forward to speak in favor of keeping the platform for all and to discourage any kind of discrimination and vile behavior.

What do you think of this feature and policy changes? Do you agree with twitter’s perspective? Tell us in the comment section below. Until next time, Keep Androtrending!

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