Truecaller and Cyanogen Inc. join hands for built-in Smart ID in Cyanogen ROM

Reports are coming in that Truecaller and Cyanogen are reportedly working together on a project that will integrate Truecaller Smart-Id service in the popular Cyanogen software service. The service will be provided as an opt-in service, user will be prompted to start using the service and when you opt-in you’ll start receiving IDs of callers not in your call list.

Cyanogen’s vice president of product Dave Herman notes that the feature extends beyond identifying numbers, and was designed to keep spam at bay.”


“You still see the phone number, but then you see that 635 people have marked it as a spam call, and instantly you can answer it or see whether to reject it,” Herman says. “That’s something that’s going to bode well for emerging markets, where spam calling is very high.” Said Dave Herman with an official interview with TheVerge.

truecaller 2

What do you guys think of this partnership between Truecaller and Cyanogen Inc.? If you use Cyanogen as your ROM then you can expect the update in the coming of days. Tell us in the comment box below, Until then, keep Androtrending!

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