Ouroboros – Super Snake: Makes you nostalgic over Nokia’s Snake Game

Do you remember the Nokia’n Snake Game that was the one of the first smartphone gaming experience for us? Of course you do. The game was very addictive and the very thought of which makes us nostalgic and the search for an amazing game that can replicate the excitement begins. Searching all of Google play to make sure you get the best snake rip-off available. We have got you covered.


There are many snake themed games available in the Google play store but most of them fail to leave an android impression, they go for all retro and that’s where they fail.  We ain’t living in ’97 people! Let us try something of the 21 Century.

That’s where our game comes in, this is something of the Material Age and feels like it with Minimal UI and Colorful Expression. Ouroboros will take you to a similar Snake journey, growing snake and managing to not mess up to GAME OVER.

Game has many innovations such as a WormHole that makes you enter from a different place and exit from another and other specific gameplay tactics that you will enjoy while playing it.

This game isn’t that perfect with some gameplay issues and bugs here and there but to say that we sideloaded many snake themed games and selected this from 10 of those, tells us the right story.

What do you think of this Nostalgic experience? Do you have any other games that you want to share with us? Let us know in the comment box below. Until then, keep Androtrending!


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