RepMove App for Improving your Sales and Efficiency

RepMove is the most authentic app if you are planning to optimize your daily schedule in the most productive way. Whether you are looking to manage your calls, your sales, your many important tasks or looking for a motivation to stay ahead in the game, RepMove is a perfect app for keeping yourself well organized. 

While managing everything sometimes may seem overwhelming, but not now. The easy to use interface of the app will help you to keep a record of your customers, prospects, important tasks, meetings and much more. 

Whether you are a sales representative, manufacturer, small business owner or marketing manager, you will definitely love using this app as this will help to remove all the clutter and offer an optimized way to plan your activities to further boost your sales. 

The RepMove app is compatible for both Android and IOS users and can also be accessed using iPad or Tablet.

Still confused if the Repmove – Sales management app is suitable for you or not?

Below listed are the key features which will help back your decision.

  1. Route optimization – This feature allows you to set your daily route. This will help you to map out your planned spots. This feature will be of most effective use for persons involved in door to door sales.
  2. Detailed customer information – You can store complete information of your accounts (customers) at one place. This includes their name, contact information, email addresses, their business website, tasks that need to be done for the particular customer etc. 
  3. Detailed Notes – You can make detailed notes of your business strategy, sales techniques, your future plans etc. on the go easily. Now, you can effectively plan your activities.
  4. Important Task to calendar – No business can risk on missing important dates. Making a note of your important tasks for the particular date now becomes an easy solution. So, you can work stress free and concentrate on other important areas. 
  5. Performance – When you have listed all your tasks according to dates, you can easily track the performance of the work as to which one is completed and which ones are still to be looked upon.
  6. Sharing tasks with the team – As a business enterprise, we always work in a team and delegate our work for gaining efficiency. The app also allows us to share the task with the respective person/ team.
  7. Set reminders – You can also set task reminders so that you can get your hands on the most crucial projects early in time and do not miss any opportunity to excel in your career.
  8. Motivational quotes – When you subscribe to the paid plan, you get the added advantage of daily motivational quotes which will help you to stay motivated always and proceed with that positive energy throughout.
  9. Export and Import data – Data like mileage report, contacts , prospect information and many others can easily be imported and exported to Microsoft excel. 
  10. Share invites or meetings – Using this feature you can share the invites or meetings information with the team. This will keep you and your team always updated for the upcoming tasks.

Wow!! There’s a lot an app can do to turn your busy day into the most productive one. While some of the features are free to use. Some can be accessed by subscribing to advance / premium plans.

RepMove is definitely a great sales app. Apart from saving time, it ensures proper management which helps in staying on track and eventually leads to greater conversion and increased sales. RepMove is the must have app for every rep. The app gives you the ease of managing and tracking things on the go. The simple and user friendly interface is the cherry on the top. 

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