Meet Tailor : Panoramic Screenshot Maker that we need on Android

Android is a big thing right? Abundance of Third-Party Apps is one of the biggest selling points of this abruptly big ecosystem but there are still some apps that we don’t find on Android, mostly apps that have a little less utility, but hey, a little less does not means “no use at all”.

Tailor 1-sideaa

We are here today for an intuitive and creative app called Tailor, which takes screenshots very seriously, like way too much seriously. Functionality of creating screenshot panorama of something way too long to be in a single frame is surprisingly great, and it works great, quite better than you suppose it would.

So what’s the big deal here?

There are times when we want this kind of app, like when we need to screenshot a chat, or when we want to screenshot a lot of comments on a Instagram picture or on many situations when a single frame isn’t worthy enough.

If you have iOS, try it out here.

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