[Updated] 5 Gadgets Under Rs 1000 You Must Buy and Why

[Update] Updated to include more recent information and links to products.

Today the gadgets we look forward to are the gadgets worth spending for, they give more than what they take, for only Rs 1000 or less this, list is addictive and will send you to shopping spree to a marketplace like amazon and flipkart-SOON.

 Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi Band Androtrends

PRICE-Rs 999

Available in India from the official Mi.com website.

What is it? It’s an activity tracker made solely for the purpose of resting on your wrist, keeping track of your steps, sleep and stress. It runs on Bluetooth LE acronym for Low Energy meaning that you won’t experience power drain even after being connected to it like for- always. Band has no screen, just LED lights to indicate to charge left. With 30 days battery life. Whoa!

It does more, gives you notification of an incoming call or wake up alarm using vibration. All this for how much? Rs 999? Rs Kya? Right.

Here are our First Impressions. 

Here is the comparison with Yufit, which has a OLED screen in the same price.

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Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick

PRICE-Rs 249

Everybody has got one! If you haven’t then this is probably the best time for you to set your sails to Africa! Just kidding! One of the coolest innovations of the preceding year. It’s simple, light and affordable. It just sets fire to the already burning addiction of selfies to some and to some who don’t belong there it adds up into some occasional front camera clicks.

When you’ve got a selfie stick ain’t no one says no to your selfies- include more people, have more to talk about. There are many types of selfie sticks- remote, aux cable and simple timer one. Get one that suits your need, whatever you ask for won’t cost you more than Rs 1000.

Here is one that you can buy for 249Rs, with a Bluetooth Shutter and Adjustable height.

Buy Now at Rs 249 : Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Shutter


Xiaomi Powerbank

PRICE-Rs 999

This thing right here is my Powerbank, OK. What it does? It makes me lazier! How? It gives me much more time to charge my cellphone and I can lay on my bed all day and use it without getting drained of power. True Story! Naah, not me my friend does that *caught*.

‘A Power bank is a device used to put energy into a secondary cell or rechargeable battery by forcing an electric current through it’ In  simple words-

Powerbank is like a charger that needs no plug, connect it in and you’ll see the battery level go up. Powerbanks have capacity to hold power-mostly it’s rated in mAh, they bigger number the more times it will charge your cellphone before getting discharged.

I recommend Xiaomi Mi 10400 Power bank because it does what it is paid for- charges my Galaxy S5 battery 3 times on a single charge and helps me in those GOT marathons.

Buy below, Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 10,400 mAh at Rs 999.

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Earphones (wait before you yell anything)


PRICE-Rs 775

“I’ve got you covered bro!” my earphones say. *laughing* No, but seriously we need good music to run into our head sometimes and need not to say that of good quality too. Standard OEM earphones won’t give you the best music quality you ask for. Buy a set of earphones or headphones for your savior, the melody that takes you out of misery, songs that reminds you of memories must be honored with something new.

We suggest you go for Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Headphone because it is the best earphone under Rs 1000, try it and it won’t disappoint. This has been the Number 1 Bestseller in the Smartphone Accessories of Amazon India and we have learnt no complaints whatsoever.

Buy it below at Rs836

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Aux Splitter Cable

Aux Splitter Cable


This would be the lowest costing thing on our list, costs a little more than Rs 40 and maximum would take Rs 100 off your pocket. Let’s not talk money alright. What’s this for? This is an Aux Splitter Cable- it will help your earphone jack to magically transform into two 3.5mm jacks. Yes! Using this you and your friend both can listen to music from a single smartphone at the same time.

It might not be looking as exciting as others in the list but hey! You are getting to know people better. WHAT? How can a cable help me to know someone better? YOU’RE STUPID!

It works, a person’s playlist tells you a lot about that person- moods, lifestyle and more. You want to know your friend better? Get this cable and you two listen to some of your songs at shuffle and enjoy the day off.

Buy Now, a Aux Splitter for Rs87 below.

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That’s it guys! This is my favourite article even though I have just finished writing it.. do you like it? Whats your take? Come on, tell us in the comment box below. Until then, Keep Androtrending!

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