Xiaomi Mi 4i leaked prior to Delhi Event : Here is all you need to know

Xiaomi’s huge success in the Indian market is a well known fact. Selling 25000 units of a smartphone (in this case the Mi4) in mere 15 seconds is not something we hear every day- phenomenal promotions and smartphone with features that sham all big companies like Samsung, Sony, LG.

Now the company has come up with an event titled “i is coming” in Delhi on 23rd of April. Fans need to register for the event on their website and few lucky ones will get the chance to see the live event. If you want to try your luck and still haven’t registered yet, you can do so here.

The event is labelled as “GLOBAL MI PHONE PREMIERE IN NEW DELHI” and as the name suggest we are looking forward to a new smartphone announcement and now we have confirmations to which device would be unveiled.

The device is Xiaomi’s “Mi 4i”. It would be a mid-range Xiaomi device aimed at filling the gap between Mi4 and Redmi Note. You see Xiaomi Smartphone Lineup have had some flaws and this is here to correct them. Redmi Series cost little below 10k and Mi4 goes all above 20k. This Device is supposed to compensate the mid-range market by adopting a 15k price mark, so that people who cannot afford to buy Mi4 are not disappointed and left just with Redmi.

Indians are “OR DIKHAO” people. Damn you amazon!

The device will be a relegated version of Mi4, Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 64 bit clocked at 1.66GHz with 2GB RAM, 4.9 inch Full-HD Display. Shooting at 13MP and 5MP and with 16GB internal memory. The device was tipped off via recent listing on Geekbench and is the same smartphone which was codenamed as Project Ferrari, and we’ve had the details much earlier than the news of event itself.

so that people who cannot afford to buy Mi4 are not disappointed and left just with Redmi.

Only question answered at the event will be the pricing and availability and other than that the growing speculations of undying internet has answered us. Ok? No. The event will answer our pricing and availability questions on 23 April and until then you make sure that you bookmark us and make sure to read the blog everyday to get updated with the new android trends.

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