Why is The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge The Best Camera Smartphone?

Do you remember the Unpack 2015? When Samsung Announced this beautiful Piece of hardware, this smartphone we fell in love with- The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the more amazing-beautiful, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. You might remember how Samsung CEO and Design experts repeatedly claimed the Camera to be magical and state of art?k

They were not bluffing. Not at all. DXOMark, A camera research and testing agency has confirmed in their latest study that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is undoubtedly to king of smartphone cameras. With 86 points, S6 Edge stands at the top of mobile camera leaderboard followed by another Samsung offering, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is just a step ahead of Apple iPhone 6 Plus which is followed by iPhone 6.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera Androtrends 1

Here are the Top 5 Smartphone Cameras:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge                      86 Points
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4                        83 Points
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus                               82 Points
  • Apple iPhone 6                                        82 Points
  • Samsung Galaxy S5                               79 Points

How and Why is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge the Smartphone camera king?

Samsung took a different approach with Galaxy S6 in which it tied the overall aspects of the camera to same on Rear as well as Front. Both have the same aperture 1.9/f and also their Front camera is very much capable to take wide-angle selfies as well as groufies. Below are the stats that will amaze you on the Topic:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera Androtrends 2



  • Very fine detail and low noise levels when shooting in bright light
  • Good exposure
  • Fast autofocus
  • Nice White Balance and color in all outdoor conditions
  • Good level of detail preserved in low-light shots
  • Excellent flash-only results: good detail with minimal noise, accurate White Balance and good color


  • Noise noticeable in low-light shots
  • Slight color fringing noticeable
  • Mixing flash and tungsten light results in slightly yellow/green White Balance



  • Fine detail with low noise when shooting in both bright and low light
  • Good exposure
  • Good White Balance and color


  • Strong “jello” effect
  • Slight flare is noticeable shooting in bright lighting conditions
  • Slight color shading noticeable shooting in low-light conditions

*all these stats are from DXOMark

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What do you guys think of this Camera Analysis article? Do you wish to see more of this ? Are you looking forward to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 in the near future? Let us know in the comment box below. Until, next time, Keep Androtrending!

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