Why Indian people get to use WhatsApp for free

WhatsApp is the company that is single handedly responsible for the infrastructural loss of Mobile Operator’s due to a significant drop in their SMS revenue system. WhatsApp is the leading IM company, valued at more than 19billion. All this does not comes with merely developing a application, but to sustain it in the long run. We can chat, share videos, and now even call on the platform and we get all that for a subscription fees of 1$ a year.

Isn’t that amazing? But in India, you don’t even have to pay a penny for using this service, every year you’ll get a message saying that your “WhatsApp subscription has been extended 1 year” and why is that? 

“Due to the lack of debit/credit card penetration in the country”

Neeraj Arrora, VP of operations in WhatsApp, Said in a Conference that, “The service will be free to Indian users” and after some time news came that told us the larger part of the story, users in India won’t be charged because of the lack of debit/credit card penetration in the country. The company cannot risk loosing one of the biggest user base and hence it will remain free until the company deems fit. India has 70million WhatsApp users and that is 1/10th of the total WhatsApp users.

and you thought you were special.

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