Nokia is Alive And Is Trying To Get Back In Smartphone Business

Yes you heard it right, Nokia- once the market leader of cellphones in the world, after selling its smartphone department to Microsoft in a deal is now trying to return to the Smartphone business. We seriously hope that this happens because Nokia’s quality of services and gadgets is incomparable. Its feature phones were so rugged and battery efficient that we still hear comparison jokes about them.

Quite recently Nokia in a deal with Microsoft- sold its smartphone division for not as much compensations as it deserved but also the deal had some clauses that will refrain the company to comeback in the smartphone market. The clause stated that the company cannot release any smartphone under the brand name Nokia, but the contract is going to expire in Q3 of 2016.


So we guess this thing, the Nokia back in smartphone business thing is going to possible only after the fall of Q4 2016. Nokia Technologies also is trying to get its foot in the virtual reality business, sources told re/code.

The company is looking forward to doing what it did with N1 tablet- an android tablet that is licensed to another vendor which is selling it under Nokia’s name. Nokia is now trying to do the same licensing products for other to offer, let us see how well the plan does.

What do you think of the sudo-return of the once-tech giant in the industry? Will Nokia be able to get back its crown to the smartphone kingdom? That’s highly unlikely but tell us what you think of it in the comment section below. Until next time, Keep Androtrending!

Source : re/code

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