Yahoo Aviate Updates Spaces to Google Now like Sidebar

One of the most talked-about launchers on the Google Play Store, the Yahoo Aviate is now updating a part of their interface that will help them serve you better content and make your experience better. The Update will change the Interface that we experience that we get by swiping left, “Spaces”. Spaces is now updated to look exactly like Google Now Cards and when you see it you’ll feel the resemblance I am talking about.

Aviate Launcher Updated

I Love Aviate, and so it is my default launcher too not because of the design but of the adaptability and the capabilities of the launcher to cater you the exact information and applications you want at the right time. Aviate has been working on giving a tailored experience and so far it has worked in favour and now the Redefined spaces is here to take that to the next level.

Update also changes the search box design and now when you click the Dot Overflow next to the search box you’ll get a new reception, a screen with different themes will pop up for Today, Places, Entertainment, Widgets and clicking one of them will present you with news and information for that category.

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