Settle UP : Efficiently Share Group Expenses Among Friends & Colleagues

Is a group expense management app that keeps statistical track of ‘who has paid’ and ‘for what’ so as to minimize the trouble caused by human aftermath. Say like a group of 5 friends went for a Movie and after that they had dinner. Not all of them paid the bills and when they were asked to do so- no clear understanding of who should pay how much became the hindrance. What’s the solution?

Settle Up is.

Key features:

  • Sync with other Androids, iPhones and the web, also works fully offline
  • Focus on great user experience, tablet layout
  • Possibility to have multiple groups and swipe between them
  • Payments log
  • Minimal number of transactions to settle debts within a group
  • Multiple currencies

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This app will manage all your group expense and will break the data down to clear understandable form. You’ll get insights to “who paid the most” and “who didn’t” so you can settle your debts and emotions.


SETTLE UP is an indispensable app for friends and flatmates who need to keep track of shared bills and expenses. It comes in handy when you’re planning a group trip or a party and don’t want to have it ruined by constant discussions over “who paid” and “who should pay”. This app will help you settle the debts and the emotions.



This app is there to make sure that your friendships remains strong and never get obstructed by any monetary terms. Make sure you try the app out and let us know what you like or dislike in the comment box below. Until next time, Keep Androtrending!

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